Elevate Your Dental EVENT WITh A live Broadcast experience
What if Your Live Dental Event Could Easily Add
THOUSANDS of Attendees This Year??
What if Your Live Dental Event Could Easily Add
THOUSANDS of Attendees This Year??
Watch this video to see what happens when you fuel YOUR Event with a LIVE Broadcast, adding thousands of participants with a prestigious experience.
"People all over the United States watched the conference live and received CE, thanks to the work of Jayme Amos and Elijah Desmond. I want to say thanks for Pioneering this medium!"
~Gary Takacs
Here is What You Get 
When You Elevate Your Event...
  •  REACH Reach 1000 times more viewers when you elevate your event with a Live Broadcast. Our events have drawn 50,000+ views.
  •  RECOGNITION Your event will stand out as cutting edge, earning respect with exponential visibility 
  •  LIVE-CE – Viewers can earn LIVE-CE, watching the event from anywhere in the world with our Live Broadcast system. 
  •  ADD THOUSANDS OF EMAILS Build your email list, potentially adding thousands of emails into a long term brand relationship.  
  •  NEW REVENUE Tens of thousands dollars of new revenue can come from sponsors who want this expanded level of exposure through new online sponsorship opportunities
  •  SPEAKER PRESTIGE Attract the industry’s best speakers for your event when they know your event can reach tens of thousands from a single stage performance  
About Jayme and Elijah
Elijah Desmond
Creator of the First Live CE Broadcast
CEO, Smiles at Sea
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Jayme Amos
Creator of the First Live CE Broadcast
CEO, Ideal Practices
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We’re Jayme Amos and Elijah Desmond, creators of Dentistry’s first-ever LIVE online CE broadcast. We’re grateful that you’re considering a Live Broadcast for your next event. 

This concept was unproven when we launched it, but the impact has shaken the industry.

Frankly, the results blew us away.

It was the Summer of 2017…

We had no idea what would unfold when our film crew activated the red light on the cameras.

As we stood on stage, at our dental event in Cancun, Mexico the audience waited.

The broadcast was about to begin.

After months of preparing for an event-format that had never before been attempted, time froze.

We held our breath.


We were “live”… in-person and online simultaneously.

It was surreal.

Would anyone in dentistry watch?

After making sizeable investments and months of preparation

…would any viewers watch us from the other side of the video cameras?  

The viewers started pouring in.

Dentistry’s first Live CE online broadcast was, well, Live.

The first couple hundred viewers started watching.

They stayed.

And more came.

They kept coming…and coming.

How many viewers could the system hold?!

Our film crew worked the cameras. Our tech team on 3 continents monitored thousands of live comments from a hyper-engaged online audience.

The comments and the emojis scrolled faster than our team could reply. 

Viewers started interacting with the speakers. 

And the speakers engaged with them. 

It was a more engaged event than we conceived of!

This was an entirely new experience for a dental event.

It was obvious from the engagement that the audience loved the experience.

After a sigh of relief, we officially created – and successfully held - dentistry’s first Live-CE broadcasted from Cancun, Mexico.

In total, we had over 50,000 views.

A record in dentistry was set.

We later digested what happened and quantified the results:

- Live CE credits were earned by the thousands. 

- Emails were captured by the thousands. 

- Speakers presented to massive unreached international audiences and 

- dental professionals watched from across the world…

And sponsors lined up to invest in our next events.

It was clear that this format would change learning in dentistry forever.

“More events in dentistry need this solution”


Here’s the tough reality we need to discuss: Events in Dentistry are changing rapidly.

It’s no secret that, in just the last few years, the business model has shifted dramatically. You have probably noticed this too, even in your organization.

We can all feel the problem.

The event strategies which worked even a couple years ago just don’t draw the same audiences.

And this is where things get worse.

Smaller audiences mean fewer sponsors.

Fewer sponsors mean lower budgets.

This has a downward spiral effect.

Smaller budgets take events backwards with smaller experiences.

Right now, sponsors of traditional events in dentistry are questioning their investments and event hosts are working harder for the same results.

The event hosts who delay changing immediately will be caught in an irreversible financial trap.

Make no mistake - this shift is accelerating, even in just the last year.


The Live Broadcast model is simple.

It works because it reverses each of the problems for traditional events in dentistry.

The events who survive this change will rise faster than any of their competitors. Those who take action will suck the air out from the industry and into their brand.

But action must be taken RIGHT NOW.


All change affected by technology has an exponential and disruptive effect.

There are the disrupters and those who are disrupted.

That’s why this is such great news for your event, because you can implement it immediately.

You can include a Live Broadcast into your existing event right away, literally starting with the click of a button.

Here is what you need to know:


Your stage attracts the biggest names in dentistry because of a larger, more engaged audience.

More revenue is earned through advertising sponsors who are begging for the most relevant and productive event exposure. This gives your event a bigger budget for a richer experience.

Your event gains higher prestige through a broader appeal to today’s new wave of dental professionals. And you earn massive goodwill by giving Live-CE credits to the online audience.

Your brand recognition is elevated worldwide appealing to an audience who can experience your brand from anywhere.

The reality is that today’s dental professionals want more from events. They want a richer experience, they want to be entertained and they want to choose their content and consume it on their time.  

Attendees want relationships with those brands.

And vendor sponsors want to invest in THOSE events.

The brands who deliver THAT style of event will have staying power.

They’ll have bigger audiences.

They will attract the best speakers.

More prestige will theirs.

These brands will get the most recognition.

These events will have greater revenues with more excited vendor sponsors.

And best of all, these events will create an elevated experience for their attendees.

And that is why, paradoxically, the Live Broadcast actually HELPS the in-person experience. With more buzz surrounding an event, more attendees come.

As the brand is boosted with a Live Broadcast, the event gets more visibility, sponsors are proud to invest, top-tier speakers want in. The buzz is about your event goes viral. The entire customer experience is elevated.


==> All of this is easy to start. <==

A Live Broadcast is one-time opportunity in today's realities in the dental industry that many event-hosts will miss out on. 

Those events who miss out will look back and regret they missed the chance to elevate their brand. They will see that they missed their window of opportunity to get the customer loyalty when the industry was changing. 

Those brands will be faced with very, very tough choices for their business.

But those who start now, the best vendors, brand prestige and attendee experience will be the result.

Very rarely does a moment a change offer such a strong upside, including greater benefits to an existing brand. A Live Broadcast is that opportunity for dentistry’s existing events.


We’re on a mission to enhance this new era of events in dentistry.

To do this, our team will facilitate and host your entire online broadcast.

Our team coordinates all the:

- planning 

- the timeline and 

- the technical and logistical aspects of the live broadcast. 

We host YOUR event from stage to create the highest levels of engagement. 

Our crew flies out to run the broadcast portion of the event. We coach your team through the new revenue opportunities, appealing to the best sponsor vendors.

And we help you launch an online experience to reach a wider, more engaged audience for your brand.

But we only accept 1 applicant per month for this program.

With hundreds of hours of preparation, technology building, revenue creation, live hosting and post-production we are only available for 1 event per month.


Join us in creating the opportunities for this new era for events in dentistry.

The change is happening now.

And the events who begin today will be the ones who benefit into dentistry’s future as we progress together.

==> Start by clicking the orange button…

And elevate your event to the next level!

~ Jayme and Elijah


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